Rhealyn Mugri, IPMA-D, PMP

Rhealyn Mugri, IPMA-D, PMP

Project Manager, Change Manager, Life Coach, Public Speaker, Trainer

What Interests Me Most


I love listening to audiobooks. I highly recommend this to people who love reading books yet with limited time due to busy life. This is most especially beneficial to people who are always on the road or are spending a lot of time commuting. I just thought audiobook listening is another way to utilise time while learning. I do this a lot while cooking, ironing, or doing all other household work at home.

Public Speaking

I find public speaking very fascinating. While doing so, I learn a lot and develop myself everytime I do it. There is just something about speaking in public that awakens the me within. I am always thrilled to speak in public especially when I have an exciting story and information to share that I thought will benefit the audience.


There’s more to shopping than just spending money. It’s that moment of going through each label, product description, product hunting, price comparison, reading reviews, and being able to get hold of something I really think I most needed at that very moment. Most importantly, shopping is just amazing when you get the best deal out of the best quality or brand.


This is my one thing that stretches all part of me including my mind and soul. I love yoga to bits and pieces. It just refreshes my physical, mental, and emotional being. I so highly recommend this to all busy bees. I believe finding time to give myself a break in the midst of a super active life restores the inner me.

What I Do Best

Project Management

I love planning, organising, implementing projects using either Waterfall approach or Agile Methodology. I am most passionate about technological advancements, continous improvement, business processes and procedures. Leading change in these areas thrills me the most. There’s just so much to learn and to play a significant role in making things happen is in itself very fulfilling.

I am currently in Fintech industry and is now taking a Project Governance role in First Data which is now Fiserv.


Training and facilitation is another field I am most passionate about. To be able to share what I know and seeing the benefits and progress people make out from the training is so rewarding. I am currently a PMP trainer and is driven towards sharing foundation of Project Management to non-Project Managers.

I run a weekend workshop that is built upon most applicable foundation in organisations and work with individuals who become accidental Project Managers and are willing to learn yet inspite their very busy schedules and limited budget.

Where I Enjoy Speaking

Toastmasters International in Dun Laoghaire Toastmasters and as well as Bray Toastmasters

TechConnect Live 2018 at the RDS in Dublin, Ireland

TechConnect Live 2019 at the RDS in Dublin, Ireland

Quest for Quality Conference 2019 at Croke Park in Dublin, Ireland

TechConnect UK 2019 in Milton Keynes Arena, United Kingdom