The Robots are Here: What Will You Do to Keep Up?

This has been the question I asked in a couple of conferences I was invited to speak. I once first opened this question to the audience at the TechConnect Conference 2019 in May at the RDS, Dublin. I then delivered a 15-minute presentation in response to this.

Rhealyn Mugri delivered the closing keynote during the #Q4Q 2019 on the 6th Nov.

This question I posed once more to more than 200 QA professionals and leaders in the Quest for Quality Conference 2019 in November 2019 at Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland.

The robots are indeed here so what can we humans do to keep up and in fact stay ahead? This I find very intriguing. I have done various researches, read use cases and explore recent published books to explore the answer.

When I raised this question to intelligent minds attending the conferences I have spoken, there seems to have been more to ponder. There’s been requests to get the copy of the presentation. Yet, I do believe though that the slides will not be enough. This question will linger as the days of AI maturity starts to increasing climb up.

And so I decided to dedicate this blog page to this question along with copy of presentation I delivered and will deliver. I will share what I have gone through from my research. I will provide my own personal summary and review of various reports from Weforum and other relevant organisations.

I will share my thoughts and view of AI and the rapid change of technology. I will blog on how each of us can stay ahead in this changing time by looking after ourselves both physically and mentally. I will also embrace a campaign started by NEF and explain more in details here so we are able to keep up with rapid change. This I strongly believe will set us apart from the robots humanity created.

I strongly believe that we humans will always lead the way and in the next years to come we will lead the new workforce of humans working alongside AIs and robots.

Your thoughts and views are always welcome. Thank you.


Published by Rhealyn

I believe that technological advancement is here to stay and will continue to grow rapidly. This means change in our way of life, way of thinking, way of doing, way of working, and most of all way of living. Mankind must continue to learn, reskill, and upskill. I believe these are our best ways in keeping up with the robots and staying ahead with the evolving world.

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