About Rhealyn – not used

As a Project Manager, I turn chaos into order.

I help individuals, teams, and organisations achieve their best while embracing change.

From being a Project Leader, I am very excited in taking on a role of Project Governance in First Data which is now Fiserv.

Indeed, learning is an endless process and I greatly benefit from doing so. To retain what I learn, I love sharing my experiences and knowledge especially in the field of Project Management. I facilitate PMP Training Workshop to aspiring Project Managers through Grey Campus.

Technology facinates me. Robots, AI, automation fuel my interest. Projects relating to technology and processes captivate my attention.

I believe that technological advancement is here to stay and will continue to grow rapidly. This means change in our way of life, way of thinking, way of doing, way of working, and most of all way of living. Mankind must continue to learn, reskill, and upskill. I believe these are our best ways in keeping up with the robots and staying ahead with the evolving world.

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